Submit Your Board Nominations

Post submitted by current SoACE Past-President, Jay Killough from Texas Tech University

Put on your thinking cap and begin strategizing about who you, the membership of SoACE, want to nominate for open board positions and awards, and take action today. In order to take advantage of your option to nominate your fellow colleagues for board positions, please click the following nomination link. Below you will find board positions coming open for this next year.

The link to nominate individuals for the board positions is available now, so please check out, follow us on twitter @SouthernACE, or on LinkedIn at Southern Association of Colleges and Employers. Let us review what positions we will have open this year.

President Elect

The President-Elect’s primary responsibilities focus on preparing for his/her year as Association President. As such, s/he oversees and is directly involved in Association strategic planning, conference site selection, and by-laws management. S/he serves as a member of the Finance Committee. S/he performs all duties of the President in the absence of or at the request of the President and serves as Acting President until the next election should the President’s office become vacant. The President-Elect succeeds to the office of the President after serving on the Board of Directors for one year and will then succeed to Past President for one year.

Director, Finance

The Director of Finance ensures all fiscal operations for the association are conducted legally and efficiently, documented accurately, and communicated to the Board of Directors and membership appropriately. S/he works with the President, Past-President and President-Elect to draft an annual budget for the Board to review and approve. S/he works with the Board and the Association Management firm to manage and process all deposits and withdrawals, accounts payable & accounts receivable, and Association investments. S/he works with the Executive Director and Finance Committee in the submission of association financial records for an annual audit. S/he serves a two-year term in office and is the chair of the Finance Committee.

Director, College Knowledge Groups

The Director of College Knowledge Groups is responsible for providing value-added services to our existing membership by overseeing the work of the assigned Knowledge Groups. Each Knowledge Group’s outcomes includes professional development opportunities, research on relevant issues, focused discussion forums, resource development, and other related support for members.

The Director – College Knowledge Groups and the Director – Employer Relations and Targeted Knowledge Groups work together to ensure there is a cohesive approach to the management of the Knowledge Groups.

Director, Diversity and Inclusion

The Director – Diversity and Inclusion ensures that the diversity of the Southern United States is well represented throughout the Association, and that educational, training and leadership programs are offered to the extent possible to enhance diversity representation. S/he serves as a primary resource and catalyst to strategize, plan, stimulate and/or collaborate with Board of Directors, members and relevant entities and resources to develop new diversity programs to meet strategic demands. S/he oversees the Diversity Committee and serves on the Nominations Committee. S/he serves a two-year term in office.

Please take time out of your day to nominate individuals for board positions and awards.

October Job Gob

Bringing you a gob of jobs from the SoACE website! For the most up-to-date list of jobs, visit the SoACE jobs page.

Expires Position Information Organization Contact Information
November 2 Career Advisor Trinity University Contact Human Resources with questions
October 22 Associate Director – Career Advisement & Pre-Professional Services
Nova Southeastern University Click here for more information and to apply
October 10 Career Development Specialist

Job Description and Details

St. Mary’s University Submit application, cover letter, resume, and references here
October 4 Director, Career Service

Job Description and Details

Texas Woman’s University Email your resume to:

Job posting fees at $100/month. To submit a posting click here.