Focusing on the One

college classGreat leaders are also great attentive listeners and hear what those around them say.  Leaders listen to problems and then work to find solutions. It may be a solution for one person or many people. The solution may spring from one thought or conversation, but it all comes from focusing on “the one”.

Career coaches “one” are many- students.  Our students are at different stages and we must meet them where they are.  This led to me pondering, what were specific needs of each class and what did students need to be doing in the career development process while progressing through college? For example with first year students, I recalled conversations where students expressed the desire to focus on career goals, but the need to focus on school.  This was a “problem”, as a career coach I had to find the “solution”.    The “Career Shuffle” presentation was born! This presentation educated students on how to balance academics with careers and why that is important.  Students appreciated this specific focus on their needs and learned the small things to do to move forward their first year.  The workshop for second years focuses on how to transfer soft skills in the workplace to future jobs or careers.  Many students feel that if a job is not related to their major or  desired future job, it is not relevant, as career coaches we know this is not true.  It is important to teach students the value of jobs no matter what they may be.   Creating these workshops has helped me become a better leader and career coach by building better relationships with students. Students understand that I understand their needs and it helps build rapport.  As a result of presenting student focused workshops, I have seen an increase in the number of students in my office asking questions and receiving career assistance.  As career coaches and anyone in academia, our role is to meet students where they are and we can learn where they are by focusing on “the one”.   How do you focus on “the one”?

Hanna DeBruhlHanna DeBruhl has been in the career development field for almost 10 years. She is a certified Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) and currently serves as a career coach at Columbia College in Columbia, South Carolina. Hanna prepares students for the workforce through on-one-on coaching, classroom presentations, and on-campus workshops on various special topics. Previously, Hanna worked as a career specialist on the secondary level, teaching career exploration courses and connecting community speakers to educate students on various career fields and job oppotunities. Connect with Hanna on Twitter @HannaDeBruhl | LinkedIn | Personal Blog 

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#SoACE15 Team Spirit Challenge!

Are you excited for #SoACE15?

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The SoACE Marketing Committee is proud to introduce the #SoACE15 Team Spirit Challenge!

Through November 26th, we are asking members to submit a photo of themselves and/or their officemates holding the #SoACE15 Team Spirit sign (image at bottom of post). Submit your photo and WHY you or your office is excited for #SoACE15 directly to the SoACE Marketing Chair, Stephanie Saunders at and the Marketing Committee will post on SoACE social media outlets.

To enter into the contest:

  • Step 1: Review the challenge guidelines below for the contest to ensure eligibility and details.
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SoACE team spirit

Photos will be accepted starting November 1st and will be posted as they come in. Remember – the earlier you submit yours, the more time you’ll have to gain votes! The post with the most social media engagement on November 26th wins the inaugural SoACE Team Spirit award for their office! This award will be presented alongside the other SoACE honors at the annual conference in December. Plus, you’ll have bragging right until SoACE 2016. Be sure to tell your colleagues and friends to help you out when your photo is posted!

We hope you will participate in this fun and friendly competition. Let’s spread the #SoACE15 excitement! Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your support!



#SoACE15 Team Spirit is a friendly competition leading up to #SoACE15. Current members of SoACE are invited to share why they are looking forward to #SoACE15 with a photo of them and/or their office colleagues holding the #SoACE15 Team Spirit sign. The photo with the most social media engagement will win the inaugural SoACE Team Spirit award at the 2015 SoACE Conference! Please read official contest guidelines below to participate.

Eligibility and How to Enter:

  • Main contestant (person sending the photo) must be a current SoACE member.
  • Main contestant (person sending the photo) must like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, join our LinkedIn group, and follow us on Instagram before posting the photo/entering the contest.
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  • Email your photo entry as a .jpeg file to Stephanie Saunders, ssaund20@uncc.eduChair of the SoACE Marketing Committee. In your email, please tell us why you’re looking forward to the SoACE conference. Be sure to send your social media handles as well so we can tag you!
  • The Marketing Committee will post each contestant’s photo on a first come, first served basis on the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Remember – the earlier you enter the more time you will have to gain likes, shares and comments!

How to Win:

  • The photo with the most social media engagement on Facebookat the end of the contest will be the winner. In the event of a tie, the Marketing Committee will look at Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn engagement.
  • Tell your friends and colleagues to like, share, and comment to gain more social media engagement for your photo.
  • Tip: get creative with your photo to gain more engagement!
  • The winning office will be recognized at the #SoACE15 conference during the annual awards ceremony and have bragging rights until #SoACE16. They will also receive a $100 gift card towards a restaurant of their choice.

Fine Print:

  • The winner (main contestant who entered the photo) CANNOTbe a SoACE Board Member or hold a Chair position on a committee.
  • This contest will run from November 1-November 26. Final engagement tally will take place at 5pm on Friday, November 26. Winner will be announced at the annual awards ceremony on Wednesday, December 9.


#SoACE15 Team Spirit Challenge Image for Contest:

SoAce Team Spritit Logo