Letter from the President – Mary Mahoney

Mary with husband, Ken, at Neyland Stadium

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are having a good summer. Each year I look forward to summer getting here thinking it will be calmer and I can catch up on all those things I have been putting off or saving for “summer projects”.  Then June comes with freshman orientation sessions which everyone in our office now participates in and people are taking vacations and there is the NACE Conference, the Employer Relations Summit and before you know it fall has arrived and it is time to start all over again. When did our lives get so busy?!

I feel like I just started as your SoACE President but in reality my term is coming to an end on June 30. At that time I move into the Past President role serving for one more year overseeing Awards and Nominations. I have enjoyed serving as your President. We have an amazing organization that truly cares about its members. Everyone at some point should have the opportunity to sit in on a Board meeting as we debate, discuss, analyze and decide what is best for the members and the organization as a whole. We really can get intense sometimes as we try to make decisions that are best for the overall association and are fiscally sound. I am honored that I was a part of the Board. I appreciate all the hard work that our Board, Conference Committee and members who volunteer their time on various committees do to make the SoACE organization strong. Individuals from other associations have often commented on how friendly and welcoming SoACE is. It truly is our southern hospitality, and you the members, that makes SoACE special.

It is exciting that we will celebrate our 10th year as SoACE this December 10-13 in San Antonio, Texas. I was there for the first SoACE Conference in San Antonio, and it was a wonderful experience to see the blending of two organizations come together to create SoACE. SWACE and SACE were both good organizations, but together we became even better and stronger. I hope you plan to be a part of SoACE for many more years to come. Dust off your boots and cowboy hat and get ready to boogie or do whatever they are planning for us. I know Stephanie Saunders Bird (yes she got married!) and her Conference Committee are working hard to have a memorable Conference for everyone.

Thank you for being a part of this great association! I have enjoyed meeting many of you throughout the year and look forward to continuing those relationships. Have a wonderful summer and take some time for yourself!

Mary Mahoney
2016-2017 SoACE President
The University of Tennessee
Center for Career Development

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  1. Thank you Mary for all of the great things you have implemented this year in SoACE!
    You are a great leader and I am sure that the new President will appreciate your mentoring.

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