SoACE Kudos: October 2017 Edition

Rachel Wages, University of North Carolina – Charlotte

Kudos to Rachel Wages for all of the amazing work she is doing to market the upcoming SoACE Annual Conference. She has gone above and beyond and is always extremely responsive. Thank you!

Toni McLawhorn, Roanoke College

Toni is a servant leader who is always ready to volunteer and support others. She continues to volunteer to help SoACE in so many ways even though she has a long list of service including serving as a president. She is a perfect example of being engaged in your profession. Thank you for all that you do!

Stephanie Bird, University of North Carolina – Charlotte

Stephanie is providing exceptional leadership to a motivated 2017 SoACE conference committee. She inspires her team and is dedicated to a memorable 10th anniversary conference. Big thanks for your leadership, Stephanie!

Amy  Pogue, Louisiana State University Olinde Career Center

A fall full of events handled with grace – geaux Amy Pogue!!

Amy Skelton, Mississippi State University

Kudos to Amy for surviving the heat of recruiting season with poise and grace. This semester was Amy’s first fall career fair, and she was consistently ready and willing to help any person who came through the door. It takes a lot of endurance to maintain that kind of energy day after day during recruiting season, but Amy clearly has what it takes.

Career Services Team, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Great job in the Fall 2017 Industry/Career Expo!

Career Services Team, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Great job to the amazing Career Services team at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University for another outstanding Fall Industry/Career Expo! It is a pleasure to work with such an outstanding team.

Kent Phillips, Disney

Kent has been an amazing partner for me. We have worked together on behalf of 2 university’s. He is responsive, informative and always ready to share ideas. His upbeat personality and creative spirit have proven invaluable.

Emilio Lorenzo, Nova Southeastern University

Emilio has always been an outstanding contributor to the NSU Career Development office, but this kudos is specifically for his tireless efforts this summer to grow the vision of the office, services offered, and support given to students. This summer, Emilio did all of that and more, working efficiently and collaboratively to develop and launch a new “World Ready Competencies” initiative, which will now shape the rest of our Career Development programming and assessment. He collaborated to design new ways to engage students, and developed and delivered an exceptional new-employee training for our staff of new GAs. Emilio’s constant eye on the big picture ensured that he was the go-to idea innovator this summer, and his attention to detail ensured that his new staff had everything they needed to get off to a good start. We definitely had some long days of planning where we were rubbing our eyes staring at spreadsheets and training calendars, but to see all that our office has accomplished, thanks in no small part to his dedication and commitment, is a reward all in itself. Emilio: Thank you for all that you do!

Elizabeth  Marcum, Kentucky State University

Thanks Elizabeth for your committed efforts to plan and organize as much of the Career Fair logistics as possible BEFORE you left for medical leave. Having so much completed allowed us to continue the day to day operations and be seamlessly prepared for the Fair! THANK YOU!

Dionna  McDonald, Kentucky State University

Dionna, without a doubt you are an extraordinarily wonderful colleague. Your involvement with every aspect of the operation of our Center while simultaneously assisting other units across campus is amazing. THANK YOU for leading our progressive efforts!

Danielle Golinski, Elon University

Thank you for helping with the Production Career Trek! I really appreciated the help!

Rachael Rysz and Rachel Brown, Elon University

Thank you for driving a van for the Production Career Trek. I really appreciate the help!

Sarah Schanck, Wesleyan College

Sarah does an amazing job of guiding her office, investing in students, and implementing programs to benefit campus!

Tonya Nations, Millsaps College

Tonya Nations exudes confidence, joy, and passion in her profession. Not only is she a great counselor and educator she is an even better individual. Tonya, was my first glimpse into the high ed professional and quickly I began to be passionate about the work I was doing and the students I was serving. Everyone deserves a Tonya Nations in their work environment!! Thank you Tonya for your kind actions and infinite amount of wisdom. It will never be forgotten!

Heather Scarboro, Florida State University

Kudos to Heather Scarboro for all of her hard work ensuring SoACE members are in the know via our social media platforms! We appreciate you so much!

Grant Haver &  Jessica Long, SoACE

Special thanks to Grant Haver and Jessica Long for doing such a great job with the SoACE blog! Our viewership has more than tripled over the last year. Thank you both for all that you do! (Editorial Note: Thanks guys!)

Golden Madume, Lee University

Thanks to Golden Madume for everything he does to support Communications and Marketing for SoACE! The words “no” and “can’t” are not in his vocabulary and it is appreciated very much!

Aracelia “Sally” Perez-Ramos, St. Edward’s University

Great leadership of the SoACE Technology KG! We will miss her as our lead.

Rachel Wages, UNC Charlotte

Rachel has taken on a brand new role within SoACE’s Marketing committee to act as a liaison to the Marketing Committee and the Conference Committee. With a lot of moving pieces and things to market, Rachel has transformed how the conference sends communication to the members. She created new approaches to ensure everyone stays up to date with what is happening and how to prepare for the 10 year SoACE Conference in San Antonio! Be on the lookout for her latest creation, the SoACE Conference Newsletter! Thanks for all you’ve done and will continue to do, Rachel!!

Donna Srader, TTU Career Center

Donna goes above and beyond in serving our students, promoting our services and welcoming new staff aboard. She’s knowledgeable, kind-hearted and tremendously fun to work alongside.

Jean Keelan, University of South Florida

This kudos is to recognize the time and effort that Jean put in on the re-launch of the USF Major Expo! After an absence on campus of ten years, Jean worked as part of a campus-wide team to pull together a wide number of colleges, academic departments, and student services offices for a one-day expo event to help our students select (or re-select) a major. With over 300 students attending and nearly 100 offices, departments, and employers exhibiting, this was an amazing inaugural event!

Millena Wilson, LSU Olinde Career Center

You’ve made a huge impact from the minute you’ve joined the team! Thank you for challenging, asking questions and pushing our office to new heights.

Lynn Chisholm, University of South Florida

This kudos is for Lynn and the entire Internships and Career Readiness Team at USF who planned and implemented our first ever Experiential Learning Expo at the beginning of October. This event featured multiple offices coming together from across the university to share information about the various programs and services they offer our students in order to build or enhance their skills outside of the classroom. The event was well attended by both offices and students and will serve as the model for future Experiential Learning Expos at USF!

Consultants , University of Tennessee Center for Career Development

I work with the most awesome group of individuals who comprise our Consultant team at the University of Tennessee Center for Career Development. They are a fun group but serious about helping students make career decisions. I can always count on them to be there and ready to do whatever needs to be done at any time of day. Thank you all for being true CCD Vols!

Tamara Taylor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill University Career Services

Thank you for leading the way in innovative and creative programs and ideas for student engagement. From updating the career exploration course to implementing The LinkedIn Experience. Your work ethic and dedication is inspiring and motivating.

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