SoACE Kudos: March 2017 Edition

Please read below for some encouraging notes to and from our members.  Thanks to everyone who submitted SoACE Kudos!  Keep up the good work!

for Mandy Harrison – Eastern Kentucky University

Mandy is a young professional in just her second year on the job. She has learned very quickly and is already instrumental in organizing our job fair. She also has voluntarily begun coordinating our communication efforts. In addition to all this, she also supervises our peer students and serves as a liaison to our education department and our liberal arts college. She’s amazing!

for Danielle Rhodes – EPB

Danielle, I want to thank you for your knowledge and outpouring of support to our students and faculty. At the Resume and Career Planning Workshop last week, we received the most positive feedback on your participation in the event. We are pleased to have your partnership and the students can’t wait to have you at the next event. Terran

for Wendy Cooper – University of Houston-Downtown

Wendy always goes above and beyond for her students; she demonstrates a level of patience, knowledge and skill that I highly admire. She is also a wonderful colleague – she is more than willing to help with anything you ask of her.

for Julia Ruddock – University of Tampa

Thank you for all of the hard work you put into making the CCFCC/UT Career Expo a success! We are so grateful for all that you and the rest of the UT team do to make CCFCC thrive.

for Kelly Dulin – Enterprise

Kelly is the definition of what a campus recruiter should be! She makes extra effort to help students, our campus, and our office! She’s recruiting for her company, but she is also helping every student she comes across!

for Stacy Ballinger – Florida Gulf Coast University, & Denise Rudolph – James Madison University

Many thanks to Stacy and Denise for your time and effort as co-chairs of the SoACE State Association Committee.  In the last 2 years, this group has made some amazing achievements that have connected our state association leadership teams with each other and provided them with opportunities to develop as leaders – all thanks to your leadership.  To me, that’s what SoACE is all about!

for Scott Green – Georgia Tech, C2D2

Always above and beyond!

for Lauren Kume – Florida State University

Creation and launch of a university-wide (40,000 students, 150+ majors) matched job shadow program! And….exponentially increasing both sites and student applications from inaugural launch Winter Break 2016 to Spring Break 2017 of 200%! And…you did it with poise and grace. A true professional. R-O-C-K You Rock, You Rock!

 for Rita Stewart-Hampton – University of Alabama at Birmingham

Rita is the glue that keeps our office together! She is a busy mom and wife, but her love and passion for the students encourages all of us to push ourselves to achieve more. She sees the best in all of us and is always our champion!

for Danielle Golinski – Elon University

Danielle is incredible hard-working, generous with her time, and a great mentor for students. She never complains, always goes above and beyond, and her spirit is uplifting! Keep it up, Danielle!

for Kristen Aquilino – Elon University

Kristen is incredible hard-working and never complains even as she is thrown in 10 different directions. She is an asset to multiple offices at Elon. I don’t know what either office would do if we didn’t have her. Keep up the good work, Kristen! People notice 🙂

for Nancy Carpenter – Elon University

Nancy handles all of our on-campus employment and does a terrific job in helping students and the offices on campus that need them. I really value her work ethic and upbeat personality. The students love working with her and find her guidance very helpful.

for Rene Jackson – Elon University

Rene is a great asset to Elon students who are looking to go to graduate school. She mulls over essay after essay and provides valuable feedback. In addition to being smart, she is witty and thoughtful. She makes work fun and I find myself always laughing when I’m talking with her 🙂

for Amber McCraw – Elon University

Many faculty at Elon University speak very highly of Amber as students find her services extremely helpful. She works with hundreds of students each year helping to meet them where they are in their career development process. She is focused, smart, and always thinking of new ideas!

for Kristin Walker – Elon University

Kristin is an unsung hero in the SPDC at Elon. She handles all of the behind-the-scenes work and makes it looks easy although she is juggling 50 balls all at once. I admire how her mind works and her cool patience. She does great work!

for Julie Brewer – UT Austin

Julie has been with CCS for close to six months and has been a wonderful addition to our team. Julie has done a superior job of allocating her time to student career advising, working one-on-one with students providing career advisement, and developing her skills and knowledge as a career advisor in Moody College. She has participated in professional development seminars and regularly seeks out programs and resources that will help her become a better career advisor. Fall 2016 was a semester of tremendous transition in our office, and Julie’s willingness to pitch in and get involved in providing all types of career services was invaluable. She is beloved by students and co-workers alike.

for the Office of Career Services – The University of Tampa

Thanks to all the hard work by the Career Services staff at The University of Tampa. You are all amazing colleagues and rock stars. What a great semester so far!!!

for Lisa Marie Gonzales-Hatfield – University of Houston-Downtown

Lisa Marie has been a blessed addition to our team and brightens our office! Always ready to tackle projects head on, her enthusiasm motivates the team. Additionally, she goes above and beyond to meet her students where they are and bring them to where they need to be. Thank you, Lisa Marie!