Who doesn’t love the 80’s?  Okay, so maybe you don’t miss your hairdo and perhaps old pictures make you cringe, but a good 80’s concert is hard to turn down!  With so many festivals and celebrations in San Antonio and south Texas, there are bands, bands, bands, and it’s hard to keep up. During my first year living in San Antonio, everyone kept talking about the Spazmatics; and I kept wondering, what’s the big deal, there’s tons of 80’s cover bands.  Well, as they say, everything is bigger and better in Texas!  I first saw the Spazmatics at Oyster Bake, a signature annual event during San Antonio’s citywide Fiesta celebration.  O.M.G. They are not only spot-on with the songs, but they put on a FUN concert!

In summer 2014, the SoACE Board met in Austin for the first time to begin planning for the 2015 annual conference.  Since they are based in Austin, I knew the Spazmatics play regularly, so I had to check their tour dates and sure enough, they were at an outdoor music venue walking distance from the hotel.  Super excited, I somehow convinced the Board of the group bonding and team building experience this would be for us : )  Skeptics at first from the name Spazmatics, the Board had a great time, loved the band, and brought the idea back to the 2015 conference committee to look into securing the group for that conference closing.  Attempted but not secured, so many of us were disappointed not to share this fun experience with the entire SoACE organization.

Just announced last week, the Spazmatics will be at the “Night in Old San Antonio” closing conference evening in December!  Mark your calendar so you are sure not to miss this especially talented group, as it will no doubt be a fun and memorable event!

Amy Diepenbrock
SoACE Professional Development Director, 2013-2015

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